Artist Collaboration: Isabella Chydenius

Artist Collaboration: Isabella Chydenius

Isabella Chydenius (1988) is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Berlin. Chydenius artistic practice is informed by research in urban and underground nightclub culture, specifically in terms of understanding club spaces and dancefloors as sites for resistance away from heteropatriarchal norms in society. These themes are explored through the mediums of light, text, sound, video, photography, and sculpture to create immersive installations and experiential environments. For the IKONO® collab, two photographs were selected from an ingoing photography and video series titled Liminal Locations (2018 – present). The photographs capture details in the clubs, and highlight the contrasts of light and darkness, risk and opportunity, among other opposites that walk hand in hand in the night-time-economy. Photographs from the same series are currently on view at Huuto gallery in Helsinki until 4th of June.

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